Feeder Status

Feeder Status

Go to https://www.adsbexchange.com/myip/ from another PC on the same network to check if your feeder is working properly.

ADSBx Anywhere (Must have adsbexchange-stats installed)

This link the bottom of the MyIP Status Page will allow you to see a radar map of only the aircraft being sent to the server by your feeder. You may bookmark the link and view it from anywhere.

ADSBexchange.com Server MLAT statistics

Sync Stats – ADSBexchange is a real-time view of MLAT Status for all servers and feeders, it is a great tool to help troubleshoot MLAT issues and see how well coverage in your area is. This is the same tool used by our own support team to diagnose feeder issues. Click on your region to see feeders in the area. There is an Explain Table button to tell you what everything means.